The National Bank of Serbia

Implementation of RTGS + Clearing systems (HYBRID SOLUTION)


Serbia, Belgrade
January 2003

Changes in the course of the past years in Serbia required substantial modernization of their financial infrastructure. Replacing the old decentralized payment system became a critical issue.

Short implementation time was an important criterion for the National bank. CMA Small Systems developed, customized and installed the new payment system at NBS in only five months.

The new payment system at NBS offers the full functionality of the RTGS and clearing components together with advanced risk management, monitoring, and control possibilities, and integration into the capital market infrastructure.

The NBS payment system is based on CMA’s Real-Time Gross Settlement System (RTS/X) and Bulk Payments Clearing Systems (BCS/X). In 2009 CMA upgraded the system core allowing new functionality: clearing of payments in Euro.

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