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Transaction management system

TMS/X is an intelligent middleware solution designed for seamless orchestration of payment transactions and data across channels and businesses.

TMS/X lowers the cost of regulatory compliance and accelerates the onboarding of new payment channels through modern tools of processing and integration, allowing the bank to focus on delivering new products to the market faster.


top tier commercial banks trust their transactions to us
central banks use TMS/X as the main participant platform
managed daily by TMS/X across all channels

TMS/X KEY Takeaways

All kind all format Integration capabilities based on service-oriented architecture including but not limited to Microservices, APIs/ web services - REST/SOAP, file based, xml/ plain text/ delimited text, Json, JMS, JDBC/ODBC, TCP/IP sockets, Https, SFTP etc.
Support of high volume of real-time payments in 24/7 mode
Compliant with major industry standards including ISO8583, ISO20022, ISO15022, SWIFT MT, SWIFT gpi and CBPR+
Advanced security mechanisms, embedded strong cryptography and security protocols support.
Reporting, reconciliation and seamless network switchover
Multiple implementation options, including cloud and managed deployment.

Cost saving
with TMS/X

Pre-validation and preventive controls reduces unneeded traffic
Native RTGS, ACH and IPS interfaces support
Flexible payment authorization within TMS/X
Cooperation with Central bank's solution provider reduces risks of project overruns
Easy deployment within existing banks infrastructure based on hundreds of similar projects
Low  cost of ownership due to minimum infrastructure investment

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Having completed hundreds of TMS/X implementation projects, CMA is confident of its product reliability and cherishes the trust of its many Clients.

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