New Generation Automated Clearing House SOLUtioN

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Unique low-value payments processing solution with unlimited capacity of custom instruments support, that can be deployed locally or in the cloud. BCS/X provides extensive service of modern bulk clearing in real-time & 24/7 mode for P2P payments, Direct Debits, Direct Credits, Cheques, Remittances, Bill payments, and an unlimited set of custom instruments.



BCS/X is designed to be a truly instrument agnostic solution. This allows to use it to process transactions related to different types of payments, cheques, and such custom instruments as insurance claims.


BCS/X was designed by CMA experts in compliance with major industry standards such as BIS and CPSS/IOSCO Recommendations. BCS/X supports standard message formats with or without image/document records: ISO 20022, ASC X9, NACHA, SWIFT MT.


BCS/X supports interaction with participants via VPN or SWIFT. Connectivity via SWIFT may function in parallel with VPN. In the case of "mixed" network configuration, some of the Participants may use the SWIFT network, and others may utilize VPN to interact with the system.

Clearing & Settlement

BCS/X supports multiple clearing and settlement modes, including Standard model, Provisional clearing, Real-Time and Near Real-Time settlement, Instrument-wise clearing and settlement, Currency-wise settlement, Protected Clearing, and Guaranteed Clearing.

National / Regional

Being a truly multi-currency and multi-lingual system BCS/X can be deployed to provide service on a national or regional level. CMA team has a unique experience of BCS/X implementation in both modes.


RTS/X backbone is an Integration Bus designed by CMA. Integration Bus incorporates various functions and tools for integration with external applications via API or specially designed Adapters


A high level of STP-processing is based on automated processing of all requests and uniform data presentation based on industry standards.

Cloud Support

BCS/X can be deployed on premises or in the cloud or provided under the SaaS model.
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BCS/X allows establishing ACH service in record time to efficiently process any type of transactions, including Retail Payments, Direct Debits, Direct Credits, Cheques, Remittances, Bill payments, and Salaries.


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National Payment Corporation of Vietnam

bcs/x, rts/x, depo/x, trad/x

Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (RTGS)

rts/x, bcs/x

Bank of the Lao P.D.R. (Central Bank)


National Bank of Cambodia

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