new generation real—time gross settlement system

RTS/X is a modern RTGS solution with enhanced monitoring and liquidity management features, DvP/PvP, and a built-in Integration Bus. RTS/X might be used as a primary or contingency RTGS system deployed locally or in the cloud. 

RTS/X is ISO 20022 ready and capable to operate in 24/7 mode. It is based on proven, high-reliable, state-of-art, and efficient technologies that are successfully implemented and used by dozens of Central Banks worldwide.

The functionality of the RTS/X covers all aspects of payments and securities operations processing, liquidity management facilities, multi-currency support, fee and penalty calculations, statistical analysis, and many more.

RTS/X is granted 2023 SWIFT Compatible Application Payments label following its functional and technical compliance with SWIFT standards, messaging services and connectivity. Designed to reflect an application's ability to provide automation in a SWIFT environment the SWIFT Compatible Application program is based on a dedicated set of SWIFT-specific certification criteria that are re-evaluated annually.

product features


RTS/X is designed by CMA experts in compliance with major industry standards such as BIS: Core Principles for Systemically Important Payment Systems, BIS: General Guidance for Payment System Development, BIS: New developments in large-value payment systems, BIS: Delivery versus payment in securities settlement systems, CPSS/IOSCO Recommendations.


RTS/X functionality can be easily adjusted or extended following business requirements. Embedded Business Process Management subsystems allow doing that with minimal effort.


RTS/X has a multi-tier modular design that provides high performance and scalability. The existing design provides the possibility for horizontal and vertical scalability. In addition to that, RTS/X supports automatic and manual load balancing.


CMA holds the ISO 9001 certificate for its quality management system and ISO27001 (formerly BS7799) certificate for its information security management system. All software products delivered by CMA undergo thorough internal testing that assures the highest levels of quality, security, and reliability.


RTS/X backbone is an Integration Bus designed by CMA. Integration Bus incorporates various functions and tools for integration with external applications via API or specially designed Adapters.


RTS/X supports interaction with participants via VPN or SWIFT. Connectivity via SWIFT may function in parallel with VPN. In the case of "mixed" network configuration, some of the Participants may use the SWIFT network, and others may utilize VPN to interact with the system. RTS/X might be installed with an additional unique module that simulates SWIFT Y-Copy Service via VPN.


RTS/X is SWIFT certified solution in Payments Business Segment. RTS/X supports CBPR+ message collection as well as SWIFT gpi.


A high level of STP-processing is based on automated processing of all requests and uniform data presentation based on industry standards.

Advanced Liquidity Management

RTS/X incorporates advanced liquidity management features, such as Automatic Greedlock Resolution, Offsetting, Bilateral and Multi-Lateral limits, Timed payments, Queue and Priority Management, and Advanced Online Settlement Optimization Algorithms.

Risk management options

RTS/X support a wide set of Risk management options: Debit Caps, Bilateral limits, Transaction and
batch amount thresholds etc.

Cloud Support

RTS/X can be deployed on premises or in the cloud or provided under the SaaS model.


RTS/X supports DvP models I, II and III. DvP operations might be configured to include any external system into the business process.

Operation modes

RTS/X supports different operation modes (RTGS, ACH, ATS etc), including hybrid modes when real-time and net settlement services are provided by a single solution. Those operation modes are supported by different clearing and settlement models, including a standard model, provisional settlement, real-time and near real-time settlement, session-wise clearing and settlement, payment instrument-wise clearing and settlement, currency-wise, protected clearing, guaranteed clearing, etc.
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RTGS solution with enhanced monitoring and liquidity management facilities, DvP/PvP support, and built-in Integration Bus. RTS/X is based on proven state-of-art technologies that are successfully implemented in many projects around the world.


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