Bringing Instant Payments to Emerging Markets


Retail payments are a major component of the digital payment landscape and in particular systems that allow instant access to funds have been revolutionising retail payments for decades. Whilst implementation of instant payments in developed markets has grabbed headlines, emerging markets too have been developing their own versions of instant payments. The dynamic nature of emerging markets creates challenges that are rarely confronted in the developed world, but also opens up opportunities for innovation and growth.

Emerging markets are constantly innovating in the field of payments, from using low cost mobile money for remittances to enabling differentiated banks for financial inclusion. We are now set to see even bigger innovations in these economies. Whether measured by value or volume, the payments business in these markets is vast and will continue to expand between now and 2030.

The availability of lower cost tech, political appetite, as well as support from organisations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – instant payments will become the new but different normal for emerging markets.

The challenges are big, but emerging markets have the opportunity to adopt new and in many ways more versatile technology. CMA Small Systems has been facilitating many emerging markets in making their instant payments dreams a reality.

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Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea


Central Bank of Libya (ACH)

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Central Bank of Jordan

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Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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