Central Bank of The Gambia

Implementation of RTGS (RTS/X) and SSS (DEPO/X)


Gambia, Banjul

In collaboration with the West Africa Monetary Institute under the West Africa Monetary Zone Monetary Integration Programme, the Central Bank of the Gambia executes modernization of national payment, clearing and settlement infrastructure.

In April 2010, CMA Small Systems AB was awarded to supply Real Time Gross Settlement and Scripless Securities Settlement systems in all WAMI member states (namely the Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia). RTGS system was launched by the Central Bank of The Gambia in 2011.

The RTGS serves as a central system and integrates ACP/ACH, GAMSWITCH and SSS (provided by CMA).

The SSS system records and manages data on all government securities, interbank repurchase obligations, facilitates primary auction process and liquidity management.

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