The Bank of Mauritius

Implementation of RTGS (RTS/X)


In January 2009 the Bank of Mauritius put into operation a Real-Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS). It took CMA company only four months to design the system, adjust it according to the national regulating authorities and legislation requirements, install and setup the system. The peculiarity of this system, based on CMA RTS/X solution, is that it has full support of SWIFT Y-copy scheme uniting main commercial banks of Mauritius and the Central Bank of Mauritius into a closed user group ( CUG ).

The RTGS system is the central node of the national payment system. A full-scale interaction of all the systems in online mode is provided by means of implementation of PIE technology which is the backbone of the RTGS system. It is also successfully applied in other CMA’s program products. According to this technology RTS/X is connected to the existing infrastructure without any changes in external systems. There is a possibility of new systems connection as soon as they are ready.

In September 2011 RTS/X system was integrated with newly launched hybrid BCS/X solution of CMA combining cheques truncation and bulk payments clearing systems.

The system went into live operation in January 2009 according to the project schedule.

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