Central Bank of Oman (CSD)

Implementation of Central Securities Depository System (DEPO/X)


Oman, Muscat
May 2011

Central Bank of Oman launched the Central Securities Depository, Online Auctioning and Securities Settlement System based on CMA's DEPO/X product. DEPO/X offers full automation of depository operations for state and corporate securities covering all steps constituting the full process of an auction such as registering, bidding and settlement. DEPO/X provides a true Delivery versus Payment (DvP) model due to its online integration with the Real-Time Gross Settlement system (RTS/X, previously installed in CBO by CMA in 2005). DEPO/X was customized to fulfill the requirements of the CBO, the national regulating authorities and legislation terms. Instruments (securities) supported by DEPO/X system for CBO are:

  • Government Bonds;
  • Government Treasury Bills;
  • Central Bank Bills;
  • Central Bank Certificates of Deposit;
  • Central Bank Short-Term Deposits;
  • Commercial Papers;
  • Money market facilities.

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