Central Bank of Jordan

Implementation of RTGS (RTS/X), ACH (BCS/X), SSS (DEPO/X)


Jordan, Amman

As a part of its modernization strategy, the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) is reforming the national payment system of the Kingdom of Jordan. СBJ implemented a modern Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system that copes with the best practices and new Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) Principles.
RTGS system unities all commercial banks in the Kingdom and Security Depository Center working via SWIFT network as their primary delivery channel and having a private interbank network as a backup solution.

Another monetary area that needs to be regulated, monitored, and controlled by CBJ is Automated Clearing House services to end-consumers with clearing and settlement enabled among financial parties. The Central bank launched the new ACH system and fully integrated with the previously provided RTGS system.

In February 2016 CBJ launched a new Central Securities Depository, Securities Settlement, and Online Auctioning System. The system will be used to automate securities management operations for the primary market domain and money market operations.

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