August 23, 2021

National Bank of Tajikistan Launches Automated Transfer System

December 2, 2019

Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan, December 2, 2019. National Bank of Tajikistan succesfully launched integrated IT system including Automated Transfer System (RTGS, ACH, IPS), CSD and Remittance. Functionality of the systems covers all aspects of payment and securities operations processing, liquidity management facilities, multi-currency support, statistical analysis, and more. Remittance system provided for National Processing Center for Remittances (NPCR) enables the introduction in Tajikistan of new, advanced methods of cashless money transfers (transfers to account, cross-border payment, mobile and QR-based money transfers, etc.). Remittance system was supplied by CMA partner QSystems.

The ATS and CSD systems are based on CMA’s solutions: RTS/X and DEPO/X which are installed in many Central banks around the world. Information on CMA products can be obtained by filling out feedback form on company’s website.

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