March 19, 2024

National Bank of Moldova launched the Instant Payments System MIA

March 12, 2024

The Instant Payments System MIA, developed by CMA Small Systems AB for the National Bank of Moldova, was launched for the first time in the Republic of Moldova, during an event organised in partnership with the USAID Program for Institutional and Structural Reforms in Moldova.

The system is available in financial institutions across the country and allows consumers and companies to transfer money in less than 15 seconds without paying any fees and regardless of the bank, just by phone number, providing citizens with a fast, safe and efficient method of making transactions.  

“I am confident that MIA will soon become a technology available to every citizen or businessperson. MIA will streamline financial transactions, stimulate economic growth and promote better financial management. Today, therefore, the Republic of Moldova is taking a significant step towards a modern financial world, and the National Bank of Moldova is strengthening the position of the country among the states that are adopting advanced technologies to support economic development and provide citizens with easier access to financial services”, states NBM Governor Anca Dragu.

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