IT consulting


IT Infrastructure Audit

What is the level of IT maturity in your company?

Performing an audit provides a holistic and objective evaluation of IT in a company, identifies significant risks and make an independent assessment, defines ways to develop IT. Audit of IT infrastructure is  carried out for the following directions:

  • business architecture
  • applied architecture
  • security architecture 
  • management of company IT
  • risks related to current IT infrastructure and ways to minimize them

Audit can be performed for the whole company or for specific structural subdivisions or informational systems. Audit is carried out in accordance with international standard COBIT and internal methodologies. 

Development of IT strategy

Chaos or planned development of IT?

IT development strategy defines the way for effective implementation of strategic goals of the company – growth of branch network, increase in supply capacity of various goods and services, development of new channels of distribution (Internet and mobile devices) as a result of optimization of IT infrastructure. IT strategy includes: ways to realize strategic business goals with the help of IT, strategic IT goals in the company, IT department functions and approaches to IT projects implementation, list of key success factors, quality management, technological platform. Wherein important part of the IT strategy is economic justification of investment in IT.

Tenders for Information systems

Does the selected solution fit your requirements? Is the choice objective?

We provide expert support to companies from the moment of necessity to choose a system until the signing of a contract with the finalist. We help formulate key requirements of the business for the informational system, formalize tender process and communication with candidate suppliers, and consider all pros and cons. This work includes: development of tender rules, preparation of criteria for forming short and long list of suppliers, preparation of criteria for evaluation and selection of proposed systems. As a result Client receives a transparent methodology for evaluation and selection of informational system that can be easily understood by management, shareholders, and investors.

Description and reEngIneering of business processes

Can you manage undescribed processes?

Identifying and describing existing business processes reveal bottlenecks in the company activity and determine points of growth. Based on such description, COGS and longevity of existing processes in the company can be calculated and related risks evaluated. Using business processes “as is” as a base we can reengineer business processes in order to lower internal costs, to minimize risks, to increase business transparency for management and shareholders, as well as increase the speed and quality of customer service. In our work we use a wide range of modeling instruments and CASE-tools: ARIS, BPwin, Rational Rose, Case Wise, MS Visio. Choice of specific tool is based on project features: scope of project, deadlines, level of specification.

Project management for implementation of information system

Entrust your implementation project to the professionals!

We provide expert support for software implementation projects from the moment of contract signing until go live stage and start of support. Our developers and project managers will help with design and adaptation of project methodology, with development of managing project documentation such as project charter, project management policy. In addition they will provide independent quality control and work coordination of project teams.

Quality Control

Is it possible to guarantee uninterruptable functioning?

  • Implementation of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000
  • Implementation of information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001:2005

CMA's Consulting services consist of:


Our certified consultants have clear understanding of the requirements and specifics of your business.


For quarter of a century we have proven to be a reliable provider of IT services which is confirmed by our long term relations with clients from 53 countries.

International experience

We have vast experience working with different country specifics, multiple languages, and business practices that we acquired by working with clients from Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Latin America, and Asia.

Individual approach

Every project is unique. Score of the project and team are formed based on specifics of the client.