PIE - Processware Integration Environment

PIE is a suite of software products for integration of disparate business applications. PIE offers the possibility to configure, run and manage cross-application business processes. PIE provides enhanced integration capabilities compared to traditional middleware. PIE not only provides integration at the data level but also integration at the business logic level-for example integrating payment systems, back-office systems, accounting systems and clients into a uniform business environment, transparent from an end-user perspective. Since PIE uses XML as an internal data format, the PIE tool opens up for Internet-based business solutions.

PIE belongs to the category of application software tools that integrate applications based on the business processes and procedures logic and functionality. PIE allows to link different business processes using different applications on different hardware platforms in such a way that they can function as unified system.

The integrated applications can differ in nature: self-developed, new, old, inherited, batch, ordered, centralized or distributed. Hence the PIE environment can serve for applications and databases integration that function on mainframes, customer and server appliances in local and global computer networks.

PIE is unexpendable in the spheres where work efficiency directly depends upon the speed of business processes execution related to information and documents processing.

Thereat it is important to understand that like any other integration platform PIE is not a particular application system:
•    it is not a data warehouse;
•    it is not a system of documents execution monitoring and work flow management;
•    it is not a system of accounting and accounting records maintenance;
•    it is not a system of materials management and logistics;
•    it is not a system of process flows management.

PIE is a development support system that is a set of tools with the help of which the stated systems for different application spheres can be built, effective inter-system interaction can be achieved, existing systems usage efficiency and business processed execution speed can be increased by means of “patchwork” automation parts unification and straight through information processing provision.

Apart from integration the PIE application can be a means of quick development of new applications having no program components that is proved by the experience of multiple projects using PIE. In this case components are represented by services that are integrated by means of PIE Studio visual programming.

Solution Benefits

  • Business profitability can be raised by increasing a profit from goods and services sale combined with corresponding expenses reduction.

  • Quality improvement and product expansion of goods and services with competitive advantages is the basis for new customer attraction and sales volume increase. You can achieve this by using PIE for reduction of business processes execution time and consolidation of data related to client servicing and production of goods. It allows to provide services and goods of better quality that is a precondition for new customers attraction and/or price escalation.

  • Optimization of staffing and resources' provision of business processes. By implementing PIE business processes efficiency can be increased and that allows optimizing the company’s staff and other resources expenses cost - efficiently.

  • Business manageability. Due to straight through automation and data integration on the basis of PIE becomes more available up-to-date and correct information about business situation which is managed on timely basis.

  • Business processes technological effectiveness; and standardization: process oriented approach to business automation used in PIE contributes to structuration, optimization and enhancement of efficiency of business procedures and operations.

  • Business continuity: straight through automation of business processes and data processing (STP) without breaks in data flows with minimum level of manual work can be achieved due to PIE.

  • Business operational efficiency; due to straight through information processing speed of execution of business operations automated with the help of PIE would increase essentially.

  • Business adaptability: information systems integrated into unified system on the base of PIE increase considerably companies’ ability to change quickly its business processes in the context of reorganization, introduction of new products and services to the market or change of regulating authorities requirements.

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