National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, RTGS system (RTS/X)


National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, RTGS system (RTS/X)

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National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, RTGS system (RTS/X)

CMA  together with Hewlett-Packard completed a project for the National Bank in the Republic of Macedonia for delivery, installation and support of a system for Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system and HW in 2001.

The introduction of RTGS in the republic of Macedonia played a positive role for the payment system of the country. The project was based on the widely agreed principle and standards valid for the countries in the European Union. That  guaranteed stable connection with the trans-European automated systems for real time gross settlement.

With the introduction of the new RTGS, the National Bank of Macedonia could offer a secure mechanism for effective management of the system risk and observation of the liquidity of the bank sector. This  built the basis for real time transfer of future stocks in case a payment is completed (Delivery versus Payment). The banks on the other hand were able to observe and effectively manage their liquidity. The building of RTGS in a long-term plan played a stabilising role on the bank system in Macedonia.

In 2009 a major upgrade of Macedonian RTGS was carried out: the system was updated to the latest version of CMA’s RTS/X solution with enhanced risk management features and the new hardware platformwas was installed.

Status: The system went into live operation in July 2001 according to the project schedule

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