Central Bank of Oman, Clearing system solution (BCS/X)


Central Bank of Oman, Clearing system solution (BCS/X)

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Central Bank of Oman, Clearing system solution (BCS/X)

The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) launched the new clearing and settlement system BCS/X within the framework of the project for modernization of payment and financial infrastructure. CMA Small Systems AB company was responsible for delivery of project's application software. CMA developed the solution for the Bank on the basis of its product – BCS/X clearing and settlement system for retail payments. The software was using  the hardware platform that had been delivered earlier for RTS/X system by the HP-CMA consortium.

In January 2012 CBO has performed infrastructure upgrade of ACH solution updating it to the latest version of Oracle and replacing hardware with HP servers. In addition new functionality upgrade requested by CBO was implemented for the use of advanced internal payments processing rules, business day management enhancement and additional reporting.

Status: The system went into live operation in September 2006 according to the project schedule


RTS/XPIE   Case study (164 kb) PDF

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