Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Clearing system (BCS/X) and RTGS (RTS/X)


Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Clearing system (BCS/X) and RTGS (RTS/X)

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Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Clearing system (BCS/X) and RTGS (RTS/X)

As a part of the project for modernization of the payment and financial infrastructure of Azerbaijan, the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CBA) put into operation in 2004 the Low Value Payment Clearing and Settlement System (LVPCSS). The solution was developed on the base of CMA’s BCS/X - the company's own packaged bulk clearing system. In 2011 LVPCSS was made compatible with new national accounts numbering system introduced by the Central Bank. One more functional enhancement was done in 2013: the solution was moved to Linux OS and latest version of ORACLE DBMS.

In 2015 CBA launched new Real Time Gross Settlement System. The system integrates about 50 commercial banks of Azerbaijan, and provides them with the possibility of inter-bank payments in real time. In addition, the system keeps track of clearing centers and provides operations through them. CBA engaged CMA for the replacement of its old RTGS supplied by CGI (Logica) with the new CMA’s system RTS\X which is a modern and stably developing system, providing possibility to use the local communication network in parallel with the SWIFT network for the information exchange between participant organizations. Also the new system  improves the functional facilities of Bulk Clearing and Settlement System and creates corresponding infrastructure for specified payment systems at New Disaster Recovery Centre.

Status: Currently the RTGS and BCS/X systems are in commercial operation.



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