The Central Bank of Madagascar, RTGS System (RTS/X)


The Central Bank of Madagascar, RTGS System (RTS/X)

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The Central Bank of Madagascar, RTGS System (RTS/X)

As a part of the strategy for modernization of the Payment System of Madagascar the Central Bank of Madagascar put into operation the new RTGS system. The contract has been awarded to CMA as the result of the procurement procedure organized and sponsored by the US Millennium Challenge Corporation. The solution has been successfully implemented, tested and set into live operation within the set budget.

System provides services for 9 commercial banks and 11 Central Bank branches throughout the island of Madagascar. It is the fourth largest island in the world with population over 20 million.  The RTGS system is fully integrated with the Central Bank's Information System and Bulk Clearing System. Full-scale interaction of all the systems in on-line and real-time mode as well as connection to the RTS/X of external systems is provided by means of implementation of PIE technology. It is the backbone of the RTGS system and it is successfully used in all others CMA’s program products.

Status: The system went into live operation in August, 2009.

 Case study (495 kb) PDF RTS/XPIE   

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