Central Bank of Laos, ATS System (RTS/X)


Central Bank of Laos, ATS System (RTS/X)

Bank of Lao P.D.R

Central Bank of Laos, RTGS System (RTS/X)

The Central Bank of Laos (BOL) launched the Real Time Gross Settlement System in 2011 within the “National Payment Systems” project scope. CMA has cooperated in this project with a local partner: the company CSCC (Central Services Computer Communications Ltd), which has been active in the sphere of IT in Laos for many years.
The objective of an introduction of a new payment system in Laos was  to promote and maintain a sound and efficient financial system. The RTGS connected all the participants together allowing the payments exchange in real time instead of paper orders exchange with an online possibility of account balances monitoring. The RTS/X solution is a fully-functional package that satisfies all needs from both business and technical points of view. It is based on a modern architecture and is compliant with the World Bank and BIS principles and recommendations for payment systems, thus allowing the mitigation of many types of related risks such as systemic, liquidity, credit and operational risks. CMA systems have adopted a “business process” philosophy and have been designed according to the state-of-the-art information technology and telecommunications.


The system went into live operation in September 2011 according to the project schedule.

25.05.2020 BOL upgrades existing solution to integrated ATS system that provides RTGS and ACH services with support of ISO20022.

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