The Bank Indonesia, RTGS System (RTS/X), DEPO/X, TRAD/X


The Bank Indonesia, RTGS System (RTS/X), DEPO/X, TRAD/X

On November 16, 2015 The Bank Indonesia put into operation RTGS System Generation II that includes the following software modules designed by CMA Small Systems AB:

  • RTS/X - Real Time Gross Settlement system,

  • DEPO/X - Central Securities Depository (CSD) system,

  • TRAD/X - Online Auctioning and Secondary Market Trading system.

The new systems from CMA replace the currently used system and provide BI and its financial community with an expansive and more flexible set of tools and services that will result in much higher performance. All modules are adjusted according the Bank Indonesia requirements and integrated with more than dozen external systems, including Historical Data and Statistic Management System designed by CMA’s Partner.

Status: The system went into live operation in November 2015.

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