Settlement and Depository Company


Settlement and Depository Company

Settlement and Depository Company
Clearing & Settlement System for Commodity Market

Settlement and Depository Company (RDK) is a company engaged in custody activities on the stock market, and clearing activities on the exchange commodity market of the Russian Federation. RDK fulfills clearing functions, handles the principle of “delivery versus payment”, operates as a depositary for the warehouse certificates for different types of goods, guarantees transactions with securities and in whole provides the basis for the system of modern risk management and transactions guaranteeing.

The system delivered to RDK is based on CMA product - Clearing & Settlement System (CSS/X). The system has modern component service-oriented structure specific for CMA products developed on the basis of highly efficient PIE integration bus. The CSS/X system provides verification of orders provided by financial and trade resources, net positions calculation, operational day reports, information interaction with stock exchanges, depositories and settlement organizations on a real time basis.

Status: The system went into live operation in September 2009.

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