Raiffeisen Capital (Russia)


Raiffeisen Capital (Russia)

Customer’s internet portal for Raiffeisen Capital

CMA developed and implemented the “Customer’s internet portal” for Raiffeisen Capital (Asset Management Company).

“Customer’s internet portal” provides information services to clients of the asset management company in the market of collective investments through electronic communication channels.

Clients receive online access to their own operations, asset management portfolio, as well as analytics, reporting and statistics.

The investor gets the opportunity to analyze the current state of the portfolio in text and graphic form, compares the return on the portfolio with the benchmark and receives additional analytics from the asset management company.

“Customer’s internet portal” works in conjunction with back-office of the asset management company.

The system can be used by both clients and employees of Raiffeisen Capital in the service outlets.

Status: The project was completed in 2014

Solution is under support agreement with CMA.


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