Home Credit Group

Financial data integration for Home Credit Bank


Home Credit Group (Home Credit) is a leading multi-channel provider of consumer finance in Europe with a strong foothold in Asia.

Home Credit Bank holds leading positions in Russian financial retail market: in terms of loans, deposits and branch network size.

CMA carried on a project for banking application integration in Home Credit based on its own product Market Hub. As a result of the project the bank applications (accounting and risk) have been integrated with a number of financial information sources: MOEX markets (money, stock, bonds, derivatives, including EDI), Reuters, Bloomberg etc.

Solution is under support agreement with CMA. During period of 2012 – 2015 CMA successfully implemented the following updates:

  • Implementation of NSD data load module;
  • Integration with Bloomberg (money and derivatives market);
  • Migration of the solution to 64 bit architecture;
  • Multiple enhancements and new integration functions.

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