Citibank Russia

Depository Solution


Russia, Moscow
November 11, 2015

CMA has announced today that the DEPO/X system, developed by CMA, was launched in production at JC CB “Citibank”, a subsidiary of Citi Group.

The main goals of the implemented system are:
- Depository accounting in accordance with Russian legal regulations, based on data submitted by Citi’s depository accounting system;
- Processing of corporate actions information;
- Billing of depository services;
- Formation of depository reporting for clients;
- Regular regulatory reporting (Central Bank of Russia);
- Internal controllers and analysts.

The implemented solution is fully integrated with Citibank’s infrastructure and provides necessary integration for Citi’s regional systems:
- Depository accounting system,
- Corporate actions conduct system,
- Corporate data storage system,
- Broker activity automation system,
- General ledger accounting system,
- Audit and controller systems.

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